Throughout our life, we change and evolve constantly, but through coaching we can spur on further development at any time. Often, it is during a crisis or in a moment of profound self-questioning that the need for coaching arises. Discussing matters with a qualified person from the outside can foster new perspectives and facilitate the process of adapting to change in a sustainable way. Such thought-provoking exchange can trigger the kind of creative process that helps us to maximize our personal and professional potential.


operate in a context in which efficiency and high-quality interpersonal skills are paramount, and you wish to:

  • boost your performance
  • face new challenges
  • work through a conflict situation
  • adapt your behaviour to your environment and to your goals
  • move from good intentions to positive action
  • communicate clearly and ensure the cohesion of your team

Together we can

explore ways of:

  • identifying problematic situations
  • determining counter-productive behaviour
  • understanding your successes and recognizing your strengths
  • discovering and experimenting with new ways of behaving
  • making lasting modifications to your everyday behaviour
  • evolving into the role of manager-coach

after a free exploratory session, and if you decide to embark on this work on yourself, you can choose between:

  • a coaching contract for 5 to 10 working sessions of 2 hours each
  • occasional coaching sessions based on your needs