Career review and development

In the ever changing work environment, there are moments when we feel the need to pause for a while, even if it is only in our heads, and to devote some time to reflecting on our career.

If you:
  • want to revitalize or reorient your career
  • are demotivated
  • are going through a rough time, doubting or seriously questioning your career
  • wish to identify or clarify your competencies
  • are facing a change in priorities and values
  • want to develop a new life project
Together we can:
  • clarify your expectations and define your goals and the changes you want to make
  • review both your professional and personal life to identify your competencies and values
  • determine how satisfied you are with your professional experiences
  • explore your personality using psychometric tools
  • define a professional project that is an integral part of your life project
  • elaborate your CV
  • consolidate what we have learnt during the review process to create a portfolio that can help you meet future challenges

this programme of 12 working sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each is ideally completed within 3 months